PREORDER guideline

Customers of Paulmartstore have the option to place orders before items are released.  When placing preorders buyers have the option to pay entire amount or place a small deposit when checking out.  Fullfillment of preorders are all based on when orders are placed and full payment is made. First to make full payment will be processed first.

Options for PREORDER payments:

1. Deposit payments are made through a 3rd party company. will process all preorders deposits and final payments.  Deposits of $10 or less will be paid immediately during checkout.  FINAL Payments will be made at the release date. Once Paulmartstore receives the shipment, we will charge the account you input during checkout  Buyers can make any changes to payments anytime via website.

2. Full payment option for preorders.  Customers can pay entire amount for any preorders. 

Please know that release dates are approximate time frames when products are released or shipped.  Sometimes we get products sooner and sometimes I get products late.  Regardless, we are always making sure we get products and will update customers on any delays. 

Cancellations can be done at any time.  Any deposit money paid is not refundable.  For full payment preorders, a 10% cancellation fee will be applied.

Please ask any questions before making any purchases. 

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