D23 Disney Convention Exclusive Cozy Cone Alarm Clock


SKU: 40333172301

D23 Disneyland Convention ExclusiveCozy Cone Alarm ClockPicture came from a friend who saw them on display in Disney World. The actual clock works and makes sounds from the movie. The actual item may look very different but only shown as concept. PREORDER RULES Mattel has released limited information on this item. Production amounts or limits have not been announced Depending on how they enforce the rules at D23 will be buying as many as I can to fulfill preorders to make sure everyone gets their items. There is a chance where things go horribly wrong. From product pulled from D23, or the limits are heavily enforced. If there is shortfall of items purchased compared to items bought, then those who PURCHASED FIRST will receive items first. First come first served. Any issues, I will notify the buyers with email and then refunds will be given. NO REFUNDS ON PREORDERS (Buy with confidence but know I am buying to fulfill orders so please know I will be purchasing according to units ordered) Please know that there I am vendor selling at D23. So I will be there all weekend and will be buying as many as I can to fullfil orders. I will be preselling with the assumption I will be able to buy them all. My previous experience at D23, 2 years ago with the Big Al Motorhome, I presold 60 units and I was able to get 80 units. My reputation and experience will show buyers I have great connections and will work them to fulfill them and update buyers during the weekend. If you have any concerns please email me at International buyers will pay additional postage for items to ship. I am speculating on weight because if the clock is plastic, metal, ceramic etc at minimum its 3 lbs. USA buyers are offered FREE SHIPPING

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