D23 Disney Convention Exclusive Jada Metalfig 6" Sorcerer's Apprentice



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    D23 Disney Convention Exclusive
    Jada Metalfigs 6" Sorcerer's Apprentice
    Limited to 1000 pieces
    Sorry pictures have not been released yet from Jada.  As soon as pictures are available it will be update. 


      Jada will have limits on how many 1 person can buy at the show. I will be there all weekend as a vendor.  So I will buying all weekend to cover all preorders. 

      There is a chance where things go horribly wrong. From product pulled from D23, or the limits are heavily enforced.  If there is shortfall of items purchased compared to items bought, then those who PURCHASED FIRST will receive items first.  First come first served.  Any issues, I will notify the buyers with email and then refunds will be given.


      ( I have full confidence I will be fulfilling every order, but I have to know that the orders will be kept.  No refunds means buyers cannot just decide not to pay for it.)

      Please know that there is a lot of time and work planning for the D23.  I know how to work the system that I am aware of.  I cannot control any of the changes that the companies make.  If there is any I will let everyone know.

      International buyers will pay additional postage for items to ship.

      USA buyers are offered FREE SHIPPING

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