DC Comics Multiverse Originals Poison Ivy PREORDER


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DC Comics Multiverse 6" Action Figure PREORDER INFORMATION (PLEASE READ) Preorders are paid in full. I order min 100 cases per wave, so preorders will be fulfilled in order paid. Mattel is notorious in 2019 to being LATE on releasing the figures. They may say this month but more than likely late that month or delayed. (corp pics means they already have it produced and currently in route from China, barring any customs issues more than likely a few months to release) REFUNDS will only be given if Mattel cannot fulfill orders. I have no control over when I get them compared to mass retail or other on line stores. KNOW that I will get the order, sometimes I get them sooner and sometimes LATE. If you have any hesitations please ask questions. Please don't be that buyer who gets cold feet and want refund because they see it on social media. 10% fee for any cancellations. shipping for ALL USA buyers. International buyers pay actual postage. (If international buyer is charged more than actual postage, refund will be given once shipped)

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