SDCC Preorder Mattel Exclusive ThunderCats™ WilyKit & WilyKat™ 2-Pack- FINAL PAYMENT



  • ThunderCats™ WilyKit & WilyKat™ 2-Pack

    Recreate the exciting adventures of the twin ThunderCats™ on Third Earth! This authentic two-pack includes richly detailed 4” inch figures of WilyKit and WilyKat, their Space Boards and key weapon accessories. Each figure features 30+ points of articulation, deluxe sculpting, removable claws, lariats and one thunder attachment to battle mutants and other foes. Stand them on their articulating hover boards and put them on display! The ThunderKittens also come in dynamic keepsake packaging that depicts a colorful setting from the series. These mischievous, powerful WilyKit and WilyKat exclusive figures are must-have additions for adult collectors.

    Pre-Orders Rules
    • ThunderCats™ WilyKit & WilyKat™ 2-Pack Figures
    • Total cost has not been determined to be $120 shipped USA buyers, International buyers pay additional postage but will receive a $10 credit toward their international shipping fee (PM me if you want a quote)
    • INTERNATIONAL BUYERS please make final payment with $0 shipping, shipping will be determined once I have the items in hand and will ask for total cost minus $10 postage
    • - REFUNDS/ CANCEL will be given up to July 20, 2016. After that date no refunds or cancellations accepted.
    • -Any questions please feel free to email or send PM.

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