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Paulmartstore started out as a kidding around name for a company I wanted to sell toys. In 2000, I wanted an resell my toy collection online and had to think of a cool name.  Since most of my friends and family joked that if you wanted a toy, Paul's store would have it.  So it evolved into Paulmartstore. 

  • Grew up loving toys and became a collector as an adult who now enjoys selling hard to find toys at reasonable prices.
  • Located at Frank and Sons Toy Show in City of Industry California Booth 513, Local Conventions, SDCC, Long Beach Con, Comickaze, Wondercon.
  • Been in business for over 16 years.
  • Contact information- email paul@paulmartstore.com  Phone: 951-638-9857
  • Facebook- Paulmartstore  
  • Shipping is Free for USA buyers, international buyers will pay additional postage. 

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