SDCC 2017 WWE Elite Flashback Isaac Yankem



    SDCC 2017 WWE Elite Flashback Isaac Yankem


      Gold Spiderman is sold through Entertainment Earth. I have a reseller account with EE, so I am able to bypass the lines and buy product relatively easily. I will be dealing with limits so I will be preselling a small batch.  If I sell out the preorders amount, I will be adding more inventory as I can buy them from EE.  Most resellers have to wait in lines up to 2-3 hrs, with my account with EE, I will not have the same limits and will be able to get product, just not sure how many if they do decide to change the rules. 

      If things go horribly wrong, I will refund all buyers once I find out.  Things like EE, cancelling product line or selling out of product.  


      Please know that there is a lot of time and work planning for the SDCC.  I have been attending SDCC for more than 12 years as a fan and a retailer.  I know how to work the system that I am aware of.  I cannot control any of the changes that the companies make.  If there is any I will let everyone know.

      International buyers will pay additional postage for items to ship.

      USA buyers are offered FREE SHIPPING

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